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What is centroid data?

We use centroid data to place surface mount components on our pick and place machine as well is to program our automatic optical inspection. Centroid data is typically exported from your PCB CAD software as a .csv file. This file contains component information on XY coordinates, Reference, Rotation, PCB side, Description and Package.


What is a gerber?

A gerber file creates a 2D vector image for each layer of a PCB. We use this file to manufacture your PCB's. This file is also a fantastic reference when placing components and fault finding.

What is a BOM?

A BOM or "Bill Of Materials" contains information on each component required placing on your PCB. The file is typically an .xls file containing Item number, Quantity per board, Part, Description, Component reference, Notes, Fitted/Not fitted. This file is used throughout our manufacturing process including purchasing, kitting, assembly and inspection.

What is a silk screen?

Silk screen is the inked layer found on the top and bottom of a PCB. It is useful to note component references, polarity and version information.

What is AOI?

AOI refers to automatic optical inspection. We use this process to accurately inspect surface mount components for placement accuracy and solder defects that can occur during the manufacturing process. The method we use takes a high resolution picture of your assembled pcb and compares each component with a set of rules using image recognition technology. 

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